ECPS Section Leadership

Core Team

The Core Leadership Team is responsible for the day to day oversight of the ECPS Section. They represent the section on the ASPB Council and Membership Committees, and strive to make ASPB a better society for ALL members who consider themselves early career.


Rishi R. Masalia // Chair

The ECPS Chair is responsible for steering the section and executing the vision of the ECPS Council, Core Team, and Sectional Membership. The Chair sits on both the ASPB Council and ASPB Membership Committee to directly relay sectional concerns and voice to the highest levels of ASPB governance.




Alexander Meyers // Vice Chair

The Vice Chair serves as a backup to the Chair in all facets. They are directly responsible for understanding sectional membership concerns and making sure the sectional membership has a direct connection to the Core Team.




Ashley Cannon // Head of Internal Communications

The Head of Internal Communication is the glue that holds the section together. They are responsible for organizing all internal communications and meetings. Additionally, they are responsible for synthesizing one-sheets written by the ECPS Council, so that the Core Team can efficiently and effectively relay updates and agenda items to the sectional membership and the ASPB governance.



Helen Liu // Head of External Communications

The most familiar Core Team member to the sectional membership, the Head of External Communications is responsible for external communications. This includes updating the sectional membership through social media, emails, and maintaining the ECPS Plantae Blog.




Craig Schenck // Treasurer

The ECPS Treasurer works with ASPB to keep track of the section’s monies, including membership dues. Together with the Chair and Vice Chair, the Treasurer will write and submit necessary grants to either ASPB or other third-party granting bodies (academic, governmental, or private).




Katie Rodgers // ASPB Staff Advisor

Given that the ECPS Section is within the ASPB Society, having a direct connection the Society’s staff is a must. The ASPB Staff Advisor is a full, voting member of the ECPS Core Team, weighing in on section directions and how best to plug into ASPB’s already expansive platforms.




Early Career Plant Science Council

The Early Career Council is composed of the Early Career Representatives on ASPB Committees, Sections, and Programs. This body is responsible for taking sectional membership input, forming a cohesive platform, and advocating for that platform across ASPB.


Ashley Cannon

Early Career Representative, Education Committee


Katy McIntyre

Graduate Student Representative, Membership Committee

Vice Chair, Ambassador Alliance



Rishi R. Masalia

Post-Doc Representative, Membership Committee



Asia Hightower

Early Career Representative, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee



Laura Klasek

Early Career Representative, Programming Committee



Craig Schenck

Early Career Representative, Publications Committee



Katie Murphy

Early Career Representative, Women in Plant Biology Committee



Stephanie Klein

Early Career Representative, Environmental, Ecological Plant Physiology Section